United Colors of Benetton

I found out about United Colors of Benetton about this time a year ago. I didn’t know what is was and had never heard of it before my Creativity class. The first ad from United Colors of Benetton that I ever saw was a man in a hospital bed dying of AIDS and his family by his side holding him, and his mom and sister in the room holding each other crying. When I saw it, I asked myself “what the heck is this for???” and I started looking at their clothes thinking it was all about color, but when I found out the ad had nothing to do with what the company actually sold, it really turned me off. I realize that they were trying to raise awareness and cause a stir, but I don’t care for it at all. I’m all about raising awareness in appropriate ways, but not in ways like that. I would expect that if it’s a clothing company, they will show their clothes. NOT a picture of a woman breastfeeding. I think United Colors of Benetton has good intentions with their advertising, but It does not make me want to actively seek out their clothing, it just makes me think about the ad of the man in his deathbed. This kind of advertising just isn’t my cup of tea. I’m more of a humorous person, and these types of advertisements just puzzle me, and some (depending on which ones) gross me out.


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