Social Media

Advertising on social media has become this huge thing that a lot of people are doing now. You can find it on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. I think that this is a great way to advertise, but I also think that it has it’s setbacks. For instance, when I’m on Facebook, I find it kind of annoying that there are ads on the side that I happen to accidentally click on and it will navigate me off the page, OR it will have some ridiculous ad that has nothing to do with me and what i’ve been searching online. One time, I was in class and was on Facebook (keep in mind, this was BEFORE class even started) and the person next to me looked over at my screen and goes “what have you been searching??” and I asked why and he pointed out that the ads on facebook track what you do and what you search and try and cater advertisements to you…WELL, this particular ad happened to be an Egg Donor ad. Needless to say, since people don’t know for sure if that’s really what i’m searching for or not, that’s embarrassing! People don’t need to see things like that, and neither do I.

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